Our very own Greg Galipeau is speaking at SharePoint Saturday DC October 3rd in the Microsoft Technologies Center in Reston.

JSLink and Display Templates

Saturday 3rd October, 2015 4:00pm to 5:15pm (EST)

This session shows how to utilize JSLink and Display Templates for the List View Web Part to provided custom visualizations of SharePoint lists.
The typical List View WebPart in SharePoint confines IT Pros and Developers to utilizing the predefined look and feel of SharePoint fields/columns. However, with the introduction of JSLink in SharePoint 2013, IT Pros and Developers can manipulate the visualization of SharePoint lists to their designer through client side functionality.
This session will show you how you can now utilize out-of-the-box SharePoint lists to create things like Dashboards, custom KPIs, graphical percentage indicators and much more.

This session will cover various list view customization case studies and show how to override the visualization for various aspects of a SharePoint 2013 list.