I am happy to announce our latest project, https://getcovered.illinois.gov, has launched! RePoint Technologies performed the development side of this complicated project.

Get Covered Illinois is the State of Illinois official health marketplace. It is where residents of Illinois can obtain information about health care coverage. It has resources for constituents to access plans from top insurance companies. And, it has many custom tools to let residents of Illinois determine the best coverage for their situation or get personalized help if needed.

Get Covered Illinois was available for a while as a WordPress site. The WordPress site contained customized design/template, custom PHP written tools and other third party tools. RePoint Technologies was given the challenge of migrating this site to SharePoint in under 3 months. This involved creating Master Pages, Page Templates, converting PHP code to JavaScript and even converting commercial WordPress add-ins to SharePoint components. Then, of course, we had to migrate content. Not just any content, hundreds of blog posts and pages. And, did I mention this site is multi-lingual! Yes, RePoint Technologies even implemented SharePoint variations for the Spanish side of this site.

In the end, not even the business employees at the State of Illinois were able to differentiate between the WordPress and SharePoint version.

Now the State of Illinois has a first-class, responsive design, multi-lingual site running in their on-premises version of SharePoint 2013. This will save them money as they continue to migrate public sites to SharePoint to have a single hosting platform and save on long term costs.

Please take a look at https://getcovered.illinois.gov and let us know what you think. Yes – that is SharePoint!