Recently RePoint Technologies was approached to help a startup called Sorc’d to develop and Office Add-In. After seeing their concept, we felt an Office Add-In was perfect for their solution and were happy to be chosen as their development firm of choice. After a very short/agile development implementation, I am happy to announce the Sorc’d Add-In is available in Office!


Link to Sorc’d on Office Store

Sorc’d is a great product that allows you to collect references from around the internet and easily use them as a “source” in documents you are writing. They have a Google Chrome Plugin also. So, if you see something you like on the internet you can easily add it to your Sorc’d account. Then, while writing an Office Document (such as a Word document) you can just open up the Sorc’d Add-In and in a single click add it to your document.

Not only did RePoint Technologies build the Sorc’d Office Add-In, we are also customers. After seeing the product we decided to open up a business account with Sorc’d so we can keep track of references for our proposal writing. It has already saved us time and organized the reference materials for our proposals.

So, go ahead and sign up for an account at Sorc’d ( and then download the Office Add-In (Link to Sorc’d on Office Store). You won’t regret it.