SharePoint 2013 Session State – Tips & Tricks Series

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SharePoint 2013 Session State – Tips & Tricks Series

The Session State Service in SharePoint 2013 is disabled by default. Even if you see the “Session State Service” running from Central admin, it might not be enabled.

The best way to check if it is enabled is to go to the web.config file and see if the Session module is there. But, remember, don’t modify the web.config file directly (that’s a no no).

How do we work with Session State in SharePoint 2013 – PowerShell!


Enable-SPSessionStateService -DatabaseName NameOfDatabase 


Enable-SPSessionStateService -DatabaseName NameOfDatabase DatabaseServer DatabaseServerName DatabaseCredentials CredentialsForDatabase

Ex:  Enable-SPSessionStateService -DatabaseName SP_SessionState




Disable-SPSessionStateService -AssignmentCollection AssignmentCollectionForSharePoint ConfirmConfirmationSwitchParameter –WhatIf ConfirmationSwitchParameter

Reset Session State Service

Enable-SPSessionStateService -DatabaseName SP_SessionState
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