Technology Solutions for the Enterprise​

RePoint Technologies is a digital consulting firm that focuses on SharePoint and Microsoft Technologies.​RePoint delivers high quali​ty Websites, Applications, SharePoint Apps/WebParts, Designs and more. Our expertise is focused on building and maintain innovative thought leaders in the .Net, HTML and SharePoint community. Our success is a direct result of our organization's talent and their ability to make our customers vision a reality. ​

ReImagine. ReThink. RePoint.

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Our Process

Achieve Results


We are problem solvers. So, we ask questions, not just the obvious ones. We believe communication and discovering the underlying issue is key to solving the problem.


We are agile. We overcome, adapt and succeed because of our agility. We utilize agile methodologies to work faster, better and more productive.


We make SharePoint and custom websites look good. Our sites are designed with html best practices in mind to create stunning effects.


In the end, we are all developers at heart. Our company grew from developers and is built for developers. We attract top development talent because of this.

What we do

Entire Development Lifecycle
Our services are the best in class even if it is design related or development based. We create innovative designs, perfect code and great websites that actually work.


What we do

We create innovative, stunning designs that stand the test of time. Our process involves integrating designers who understand best practices in html and various off the shelf products early in the process. We utilize existing frameworks and piece them together into a design that meets your needs.


What we do​

We love to code. Our company was built by coders. The philosophies of first class code writing is in our DNA. Rest assure you are getting code that will last the test of time and is maintainable for years to come.


What we do

Many of our projects are to fix implementations. Is your site running slow? Is your site not responsive? Does you site need an overhaul? Let us debug your issues and make a site you can be proud of.


What we do

Conceptualizing an idea is the key to providing useful technical implementation. All our projects start with a conceptual phase that allows us to understand your business needs and provide strategies for your organization.


What we do

Ideas will become reality. We are idea generators. A core understanding of technology and creativity allow us to generate ideas others don't think of.


What we do

Let us inspire you. Our passion and creativity can help bring your visions into reality.

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  • Development
  • Project Management
  • Governance
  • Architecture
  • Administration
  • Analysis

Custom Websites

  • Responsive Design
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Mobile devices
  • Graphic Design
  • SharePoint
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal


  • Website applications
  • Custom applications
  • SharePoint 2013 Apps
  • Office 2013 Apps
  • Mobile Apps (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, etc...)