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​​​WINNER! – Inaugural Microsoft Office/SharePoint 2013 App development contest. Thousands upon thousands entered worldwide. But, there can be only one grand prize winner and it was RePoint Technologies Mind-O-Mapper!!!!!!!


What is Mind-O-Mapper?

Mind-O-Mapper LogoMind-O-Mapper  is an Office 2013 application that runs in Word 2013, Excel 2013, Project 2013 and PowerPoint 2013 as a Task Pane app. A Task Pane App is an Office 2013 concept from Microsoft that allows Apps to run directly in your Office application. This allows for the convience of Office with all the power of an App. You don’t need to switch back to your tablet, phone or website anymore. Create Mind Maps directly in your Office Application.

Supported versions?

    • Browser: Mind-O-Mapper works best with “modern” web browsers (Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc…). Mind-O-Mapper should work with IE8 with some small side effects.
    • Office: Mind-O-Mapper works best with Word 2013 because of the availability in word to dynamically create html5 elements. This allows Mind-O-Mapper to “import” the map from Mind-O-Mapper into Word. All function except the “import” works in the other Office applications.

How do I get Mind-O-Mapper?

Open the Office Application you wish to add Mind-O-Mapper to (ex: Word 2013). Under the “Insert” tab click “Apps for Office”. Click “Find More Apps in the Office Store” at the bottom. Search for Mind-O-Mapper. Click the Free Trial or Buy. Finish the steps in the Microsoft Office App Store process. Now, when you go back to your Office application, click on the “Insert” tab and then click on “Apps for Office” the Mind-O-MapperApp will be there.

Direct Link: https://store.office.com/mind-o-mapper-WA103953725.aspx?assetid=WA103953725

How do I use Mind-O-Mapper?

There is a built in tutorial directly in the application that will start the first time you access the Mind-O-Mapper App on a computer. If you ever want to run the tutorial again, just click the “Tools” ribbon in the Mind-O-Mapper app and click the Help or Tutorial.

Why Mind Mapping?

MindMapping is a technique that brings “new ideas at the click of a button.” But ideas need structure to become reality, so Mind-O-Mapper takes the extra step of providing a way to map your ideas and visualize the relationships they form in an easily understood graphical interface. This is the real value that Mind-O-Mapper provides: a bridge from amorphous ideas to actionable reality. You start with your main idea: the topic of your mind map. From there, click and drag the red circle away from the topic to create a branch and add a new or related idea. To make the most of your mindmapping, utilize the “insight” tools. For example you can create a dynamic map from various search APIs (DuckDuckGo is the default service), or use the dynamic canvas tool to move around the canvas. There’s a handy tutorial to help you get started, and maps can be exported and printed for easy sharing. Mind-O-Mapper will likely be particularly useful to those responsible for demonstrating new concepts in PowerPoint or Project presentations, group leaders who want to map out strategy sessions, and anyone looking for an effective way to capture brainstorming sessions.

Try it today!

  • Organize your thoughts
  • Visualize your ideas
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Save directly in your Office document
  • Dynamically map from various search api’s
  • Find Synonyms Find Definitions
  • Get Creative!!!!!!!!

Known Issues

  • ​Cannot import into document in PowerPoint, Project or Excel
    • Reason – Mind-O-Mapper is built on an HTML5 canvas. The image produced from this only works in OOXML or Binary Images. Only Microsoft Word currently supports OOXML. Once Microsoft fixes PowerPoint, Project and/or Excel, we will fix appropriately.
    • Workaround – used the “Export as Image” in the Mind-O-Mapper Ribbon. Copy that image into your document.



  • Initial Mind-O-Mapper​ App


  • Support for IE8​