Last year, Stanford Children’s Hospital engaged RePoint to implement custom branding and components for a unique SharePoint Intranet (Connect Anywhere). The primary Goal of Connect Anywhere is to connect the entire Stanford Children’s Hospital workforce on a single platform for communications, access to HR, news, events and more. In addition, Connect Anywhere provides a collaborative platform for the various Divisions and Departments within the Hospital.

RePoint Technologies is very excited to announce that Stanford Children’s Hospital received the Gold eHealthcare Leadership Award for best intranet in 2018.  (  This award highlights the role of digital communications in achieving healthcare organizations’ business objectives. The eHealthcare Leadership Award recognizes the work that has gone into creating outstanding health websites and digital initiatives. It’s recognizes the very best websites and digital communications of healthcare organizations (both large and small), online health companies, pharmaceutical/medical equipment firms, agencies/suppliers, and business improvement initiatives.

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