Project Description


TAIT Environmental Services performs form-based services such as testing, repairs and inspections of fuel systems throughout the US which must be tracked, reviewed, approved, provided to clients, and submitted to regulatory agencies. TAIT engaged RePoint Technologies to develop an electronic system in SharePoint Online to submit, track, report and organized these forms. TECS 3.0 is a SharePoint App/Add-In which accommodates 350+ users, and 250,000+ forms completed on an annual basis. RePoint Technologies envisioned, designed and implemented TECS 3.0 in Office 365/SharePoint online utilizing ASP.Net MVC, Bootstrap, .Net Web API, ShareForms and EmberJS to create this engaging, performant and maintainable system.

TECS 3.0 allows TAIT internal admin to create fillable PDF forms (compared to previous systems where Contractors built InfoPath forms for TAIT). TAIT field technicians download/check-out these forms through the custom SharePoint Add-In before performing field services at remote facilities. The custom download/check-out system RePoint built allows technicians to choose general information about the facility they are about to inspect and the system interacts with SharePoint lookups to prefill PDF metadata; saving time and extra effort for the technicians. The field technicians fill in the forms while at a client site (off-line). Once back online, but not necessarily in the SharePoint environment, they submit the forms (directly from the PDF through a submit button). TECS 3.0 maps the data from the PDF to meta-data in SharePoint for reporting services.

RePoint continues to support TAIT in their SharePoint needs today with enhancements to TECS 3.0 and other SharePoint initiatives such as a Learning Management System, group calendar messaging support, document management, team collaboration, strategic planning and architecture guidance.


RePoint implemented a custom SharePoint Online implementation in Office 365, custom SharePoint Add-Ins to meet the business needs and Azure hosting for server side code within 4 months of the start of the contract. This implementation led to significant savings for TAIT by eliminating server infrastructure and support. In addition, RePoint envisioned a system that eliminated the need for Contractors to create new reports in the future, which results in more significant cost savings for TAIT. RePoint’s implementation supports more than 250,000+ forms on an annual basis, stores them in SharePoint and has the ability to report on them. Previous Contracting firms did not think this was possible in SharePoint online. TAIT has since patented the solution envisioned by RePoint in order to protect an investment they feel gives them a competitive advantage in their field.

  • Performed Project Management tasks as a cohesive team with TAIT internal Project Managers.
  • Created SharePoint based Project Management structures for TAIT such as task lists, Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), resource management lists and more.
  • Provided oversight of the Task Order including high-level program management support.
  • Ensured timely completion of project activities and deliverables within the general scope of the task order on time, while monitoring and tracking the availability of the funds for authorized work.
  • Designed and implemented a custom SharePoint Online site in Office 365 utilizing Master Pages, custom Branding, Logos, Tile navigation and more.
  • Designed and implemented a custom SharePoint App/Add-In for SharePoint Online utilizing ASP.Net MVC and Bootstrap using themes to incorporate look and feel into main SharePoint site.
  • Successfully developed a SharePoint App/Add-In for SharePoint Online using ASP.Net MVC and EmberJS for a client side MVVM pattern implementation.
  • Designed and Implemented a metadata mapping implementation of PDF forms to SharePoint metadata for Form submissions from field employees to SharePoint Online.
  • Develop 2 custom reporting implementations. First one utilizes the SharePoint App/Add-In model for custom developed reports that utilizes server coding to produce Excel and PDF reports. Second one utilizes client side JavaScript code for ad-hoc reports that instantly show results of forms submitted on the web page.
  • Created Azure Timer jobs for advanced processing and large data processing of complex situations and form submission.
  • Implemented custom SharePoint Workflows for business rules on form submissions.
  • Successfully used Team Foundation Server for Agile Project Management and Source Control of custom code.
  • Host 3 SharePoint Provider Hosted Add-Ins including Timer Jobs, Remote Event Receivers and Custom Applications.
  • Host custom sites/applications on Azure and interact with SharePoint through Open Authentication (oAuth)
  • Manage all SharePoint Add-Ins for environment including updates, licenses and token expiration policies.
  • Implemented Governance procedures for management of SharePoint Add-Ins including deployment process procedures, maintenance checks and more.