Project Description

Social Impact LogoInstallation, Configuration and development support of Office 365 for Social Impacts internal portal and project management. Social Impact engaged RePoint Technologies to build a custom dashboard on top of SharePoint to track their progress on all projects. After completion of the dashboard, Social Impact engaged RePoint for all SharePoint support services including template creation, forms, workflows, information architecture and complete site overhaul.
RePoint Technologies works directly with business units from Social Impact in order to implement SharePoint functionality to meet their individual business needs. RePoint maps business requirements to SharePoint functionality and works to implement using out-of-the-box functionality to reduce maintenance and overhead. RePoint also supplies training services tailored directly to Social Impact business groups for specialized training on the features and functionalities they use within SharePoint.


  • Redesign and implementation of the Office 365 SharePoint portal which increased user adoption and immediate praise from Social Impact employees.
  • Envisioned and Implemented project management dashboard for visibility into all projects
  • Implemented community driven functions such as a Newsfeed that allows users to interact directly within the portal (similar to Twitter); and
  • Turned a complicated, manual business process for bid development into an automated workflow with custom forms.

Social Impact Screenshot