Project Description

RRB LogoThe Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) requested a centralized correspondence management system (CCMS) to streamline the federal correspondence management process by providing a centralized system for the organization’s incoming and outgoing correspondences. RePoint Technologies teamed with the inventors of Team Workpath (, a SharePoint Add-In that streamlines Correspondence in a Case Management type format utilizing a GUI based Workflow system to provide clear indication of where the correspondence is and who is involved within any phase of the correspondence.

Our team modified a product built for a general audience into a product that met the specific requirements of the RRB. We performed a gap analysis of Team Workpath compared to the needs of Railroad Retirement Board and modified the product to meet all the needs. We utilized Angular JavaScript techniques, .Net Workflow development and more to create the solution.

In addition, our team introduced an Agile methodology to development utilizing Team Foundation Services (TFS) to the RRB. RRB was so impressed with our development techniques and processes, we were asked to present our Agile methodologies to the an internal team implementing Agile policies throughout RRB.