Project Description

Justice LogoRePoint Technologies provided the SharePoint Enterprise Architecture to the Records Management Team in the Civil Division at the Department of Justice in support of the Presidential Memorandum M-12-18 requiring all Federal agencies to manage all email records in an electronic form. Utilizing our combination of SharePoint expertise and Federal Records knowledge, RePoint was able to consult, strategize and support the Records Management Team at Justice Civil. The resulting system that RePoint helped design is an Outlook Add-In that allows lawyers within Justice to easily send emails from Outlook to SharePoint “cases.” Each “case” is a SharePoint site to support litigation efforts by combining collaborative tools and records for easy access. Our team helped envision a -step  process to “close” case sites through and thoroughly mark all emails within the SharePoint site as a record and ready for disposition to NARA.


RePoint built a partnership and collaborative relationship with the Justice Civil Records Management Team and shortly became the go to resources for all technical related questions pertaining to SharePoint and Records Management. Our thoughtfulness in staffing professionals both versed in SharePoint and Records Management provided the necessary guidance needed to build requirements and design such a complex system. The end result is the Civil Division at Justice is one of the few federal agency able to meet the Presidential Memorandum M-12-18 within the timelines specified.

  • Suggested and suggested third party tools to ease a Site Migration requirement that would have significantly delayed the released.
  • Prototyped complex elements for requirements to show SharePoint best practices implementations to meet the business needs.
  • Bridged the gap between the requirement team and the development team and provided strategies and recommendations to meet requirements while advising the business owners of out-of-the-box ways to do things to lessen time and maintenance for the implementation.
  • Worked closely with the business to gather requirements in an Agile fashion and produce User Stories for the development team to implement.
  • Guided business owners on Agile process and techniques for requirement gathering turning a Waterfall environment into an Agile environment during the course of the project.
  • Enforced SharePoint oversite over the requirements to ensure best practices and out-of-the-box approaches were understood before building any requirement that might require customization.
  • Envisioned and built a complex permission model ensuring it is maintainable and documented in a way that the development team can implement easily.
  • Built mock-ups and wireframes for advanced requirements to show the development team the vision of the business
  • Built a Governance plan for the SharePoint implementation
  • Documented the permission model and how to enforce said model as the product moved to production
  • Champion for Governance teams within the SharePoint implementation at the Civil Division