Expert Support is possible to get the most out of SharePoint. Let us show you how!

Is your SharePoint site out of control?

Is your SharePoint implementation not working? Or, do you just want to get more out of your SharePoint implementation? Let our SharePoint Expert Support staff fix or enhance your site.

SharePoint is an excellent collaboration and business process tool. However, SharePoint can get out of control. Too many people might have access. Too many sites created in an unorganized fashion. We call this SharePoint Sprawl. But, it can be controlled. Our expert SharePoint support staff understand the product backward and forwards. We help you utilize the tool effectively to build business processes. Our staff builds maintainable/scalable solutions.   And, we do this “right” the “first time”.

How Can RePoint Help?

RePoint is a SharePoint specific development company. We hire experts in the SharePoint field to keep costs low and to implement right the first time. Our business model is predicated upon using experts and staffing correctly so every implementation is successful and utilizes SharePoint to the best of its ability. Unlike a lot of our competitors, we do not staff .Net developers or Analysts and call them SharePoint experts. We staff SharePoint developers from a .Net background or SharePoint Power Users based on the specific challenge we are solving.

Some of what we do

  • RePoint’s SharePoint support services range from reactive (fix your current issues) to proactive (ensure your current setup is implemented considering on-going maintenance).
  • Our team consistently rescues critical SharePoint implementations that have failed to meet their expectations and put them back on track.
  • Our team analyzes your current environment to determine why it might be failing or not meeting its potential.
  • RePoint teams are routinely brought in to fix SharePoint implementations and find other suggestions to lower business costs at our clients by using the product effectively.
  • We are experts in every aspect of SharePoint including advanced Workflows, Forms, and Business Processes.
  • We are versed in all the major third party tools such as Nintex, ShareGate, InfoWise Forms, MetaLogix, AvePoint and more. Our staff knows when to suggest build vs. buy and will help your organization strategize successfully.
  • Our Administrators can set up new SharePoint farms or analyze your existing ones through health checks to ensure you are set up correctly
  • RePoint is an innovator in Office 365. If you are in the cloud, let us ensure you are successful.
  • We create custom training plans based on your implementation. SharePoint is a configurable tool. All too often training companies training staff on parts of the tool that our customers do not even utilize. Let us tailor a training plan for you.

It’s not too late!

Whether you currently have SharePoint or are looking to implement new, we can help.

Don’t let your implementation of SharePoint hold your business back. Let us show you how you can use it correctly and extend it to run your business smoothly.


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