Saw a cool Flow today that lets you get personal, daily weather forecasts to your phone. Decided to share it out for anyone that cares…

weather flow

This ones for all the advanced Office 365 users that want to get more out of the investment on a personal level. Simply go to Microsoft flow (, search for “weather”, and pick the Get today’s weather forecast for my current location. Then put the Microsoft Flow app on your cell phone (iPhone orĀ Google) and you are good to go.

I’ve always thought as Microsoft Flow as a business tool where Power Users, Devs, etc… can setup Flows for the business. Now I see it as a personal productivity tool. Pretty cool stuff. Can’t wait to start thinking of how I can use Flow for individual, personal tasks to make my life easier.

P.S.: It goes without saying, you will need Office 365 and the correct licenses to do this.