SharePoint is an extremely powerful platform with the potential to serve as a central tool in the operation of your business. Yet, for a majority of businesses with SharePoint, it functions as nothing more than a complex file system.

Here are just a few ways SharePoint can meet your business needs:

  • Modern Intranets – customized for your business
  • Business Process Management – automate email/paper based processes
  • Custom applications – forms, validation, security – in half the time of coding
  • Enterprise Information Portal and Knowledge Center
  • Advanced Business Intelligence – Dashboards, Analytics and more
  • Records Management – platform to enforce records management policies


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    We are different from the rest. We are not a large body shop. We are not .Net developers put on SharePoint projects. We are not learning on your dime. We are a unique, SharePoint specific company. We hire SharePoint experts. We provide you access to our SharePoint architects on all projects. You will have the direct ear of our CEO (who is also a SharePoint expert). Why take a chance on a “normal” IT development company that happens to do SharePoint. Instead, use a company that focuses on SharePoint to reduce your risk and provide the maximum return on investment for you initiatives.

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