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The RePoint Ultimate Slider is a configurable WebPart that allows you to control the appearance, behavior and all the settings that control how the slider works. Sliders and Rotators are common techniques in SharePoint development and typically involve increased development time which drives up cost. This slider puts the configurations in the hands of the end user. Just point it to a SharePoint list and tell the slider what fields to show. It’s that easy… a slider in minutes. ​​​

How do I get it?

The UltimateSlider is a Microsoft Office and SharePoint Store App. Microsoft controls the publication, purchasing and platform. RePoint Technologies hosts the UltimateSlider App on the Microsoft Office and SharePoint Store here: https://store.office.com/ultimate-slider-WA103984742.aspx?assetid=WA103984742


RePoint Technologies supports the functionality of the App. However, it does have to work within the constraints of the Microsoft App development framework. If you have any issues with the UltimateSlider, please contact RePoint Technologies. A representative will contact you and evalute the issue. If the issue is part of the product, it will be fixed and updated in a future release.


Purchase the Ultimate Slider from the Microsoft Office and SharePoint App Store. Or, get a 30 day trial license there to try it out. After using the standard installation procedures Microsoft provides in the App Store, open the App. The “App” is actually a settings page. On this page insert the content into the list that you want to show in the App. After finished hit the “Publish” button. After the content is published, the “App Part” is ready to use. Go to a page on your SharePoint site, edit the page, click the add “App Part” from the Ribbon, and then choose the UltimateSlider app. It’s as easy as that, a content slider in minutes.


Sure, it was easy to add the UltimateSlider to you page, but now you want to configure it to meet the design of your site. There are multiple things you can do to configure the UltimateSlider…

Configure the List

Go back to the UltimateSlider “App” from the Site Contents link in your Site Settings. Try using different configurations to see whats available:

  • Add an item with a Title, Body and Image – notice that all of the items show in the Slider
  • Add an item with just a Title and Body – the slider configures the content to show correctly in the slider
  • Add an item with just an image – yes, the UltimateSlider also works as an Image Rotator
  • Add a link to an item so the user can go to a webpage if they like the content they see in the slider panel

Always Remember – hit the publish button when you are finished adding/editing list items.

Configure the App Part

Once the “App Part” is added to a page on your website there are many configurations directly on the App Part settings. Just edit the page, click the arrow in the upper right corner of the App Part and go to the Settings. In there you can…

  • Modify UltimateSlider Settings – there are too many for us to list them all, we will hit some important ones Ultimate Slider Settings 1Ultimage Slider Settings 2
    • Effects – this configures the animation effect when the slider moves. Try different ones and see whats possible
    • Show Abstract – this shows/hides the abstract (or body text) from the list items
    • Show Image – this shows/hides the image from the list items
    • Show Play/Pause buttons – this shows/hides the play and pause buttons that show at the slider controls
    • Slider Controls Position – put the slider controls above, below, or even center them
    • Slider Controls Type – use numbers, bullets or even the title from the list. Get creative!
    • Speed – this is in miliseconds. Determines how fast the slider moves
    • Swing Direction – don’t be like everyone else, try a vertical slider instead of horizontal. Get crazy!
  • Modify UltimateSlider Style Settings
    • Abstract CSS Class – this is the css class that wraps around the abstract (or body text) of the panels
    • Background Color – note: transparent only works on modern browsers (ie9 and above, firefox, chrome, etc…). ie 8 can’t handle transparency in iFrames (which is what the Microsoft App framework is made of). That is why we have a Background Color Fallback
    • Background Color Fallback – handles the issue above mentioned in the Background Color. For browsers that can’t handle iFrame transparency, at least we can still make them look good and fit the style of your site
    • Title Type – try different headings on for size
    • Title CSS – try mimic’ing SharePoint styles. Want to use SharePoint theme styles? Set them youself – ex: ms-rteThemeForeColor-5-0
  • Modify UltimateSlider List SettingsSo, you don’t want to drive the content for the UltimateSlider from the list we provide on the App page. We don’t care what your reasons are, we make this possible. Just make sure that the list you pull the information from has the columns the UltimateSlider is looking for. Note: This does not work for anonymous sites. It is a bug in the Microsoft App framework. The App framework will not allow querying from lists when the site is anonymous. So, if your site is anonymous, then you have to use the list provided on the App page.



  • Initial UltimateSlider

  • UltimateSlider List Settings added – allows to drive content from lists on your site

  • Added support for anonymous sites
  • Fixed transparency issues
  • Added more settings to control look and feel on the App Part

  • Added Preview pane to application when building list
  • Provided ability to point to custom list for internal users
  • Added more settings to control look and feel on the App Part​​

  • Fixed bug for Content Links opening in iFrame of App Part